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Dr. med Uwe Auf der Strasse     

Fatigatio is a society in Berlin which works for patients who suffer from "Chronic Fatigue Syndrom" (CFS), the symptoms resemble chronic active toxoplasmosis, and often to a very severe degree. This was the first society which reacted open-minded to my first paper (the "27 case reports"), and who present an interview, a "Checklist Toxoplasmosis" a script and more on their website (see "Tangierende Berichte"). They have collected case reports from some of their members who had significant benefit from Toxoplasmosis treatments.   Unfortunately in german only.

Chronic active Toxoplasmosis can result in a disease, that resembles a Fibromyalgia or  CFS/ME and in some cases it might be the origin of the disease or a severe co-factor. This should not be misunderstood as a generally applicable solution to this horrible complex of diseases,  but   there are arguments, that in some cases these diseases might be a result of combinations of different  factors - and that the role of Toxoplasma gondii has been vastly underestimated so far.

The website of  #MEAction in Los Angeles, founded in 2016 to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Jennifer Brea (s. Literature / Media)  is co-founder of #MEAction.

The comprehensive website of a society working für patients suffering from CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia.

the website of Dr. Hopf-Seidel, who works on Borreliosis and its Co-Infektions since years. In chronic Borreliosis healing is often hindered by co-infections. Therefore diagnosis and treatment require a lot of medical knowledge and persistence of doctors and patients.   Unfortunately in german only.

Authors remark:  Due to the worldwide high infestation with Toxoplasma gondii (30-60%), there a numerous patients who carry Borrelia and Toxoplasma at the same time. If both are active, both have to be treated to have significant therapeutical success. If only one of these is treated,  the patient will recover only partially and most likely suffer from repeated relapses.

Dr. Retzek, a highly commited general practitioner in Vöcklabruck  (Austria), reports on his website about chronic active Toxoplasmosis.   Report in english.   Only one addition: The book is available in english as well - see "Handbook Toxoplasmosis"

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